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1. What is your full SCA name? Malcolm Bowman
Cut due to length and for those who really don't care. )
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1. Where are you camping?
Sharc Pit, N21

2. When are you arriving?
Sometime on Friday the 6th is the plan.

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
Fencing, archery, marshalling the fencing field, random court heralding stuff, schmoozing, drinking, and becoming a protege.

4. What's your SCA name?
Don Malcolm Bowman
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For those who care - the Society for Creative Anachronism is a HOBBY, RECREATION, AND/OR GAME.  Everyone will enjoy it to their level...and should not fault the method/means of enjoyment of others for having any effect on their own.  Anyone taking the SCA too seriously, or implying that the fun of others in the game is interfering with their own should seek immediate psychiatric help.

Don't we all participate in this organization for the fun of it?

Thank you.

SCA meme

Jul. 9th, 2008 11:01 am
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Your result for The hardcore SCA Test...

The Queen's Champion

You scored 56% hardcore SCA!

You are really involved in the SCA. You probably have some really cool garb. You put a lot of work into playing the game and making sure its fun for others too. For a lot of folks an event wouldn't be the same without you. You probably have a tendancy to over do it sometimes. You may need help knowing when to say "No" or when to stop sewing and go to bed.

Take The hardcore SCA Test at HelloQuizzy

I'm shocked I tell you!  Shocked.

No, no I'm not.  :-)


Oct. 21st, 2007 02:48 pm
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Yesterday went to Warrior's Nadaam in Putnam County, NY.  A nice, relaxing, low key event.  I even arched, instead of fencing.  Not that there WAS any fencing, but I did bring the appropriate gear.[Poll #1075106]
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Apologies for missed shots or duplicates, but I am new to Flickr, and only just uploaded these pics. I may have one or two more that didn't post.


I did my best to mark the combatants, and my have gotten it wrong. Can't recognize everyone, weird angles, yadayada.

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It was a good war.  Albeit a wet, hot, sticky one.  I saw old friends, made some new friends, and had an absolutely wonderful time overall.  Yes, the weather most certainly could have been better, and I would like to have fenced more - but it was still a great time.

I love camping in Sharc Pit.  You guys are the best, and make the war for me.  Really.  I spent a lot of time in camp this year with the rain, and it was time well spent.  Amazing how many attempts to use accio and other HP spells were made this year, though...

Yes, we were slaughtered in the wall and the woods battles - but they still had to work for it.   [personal profile] artisticphoenix  was an excellent general - the odds were most certainly not in her favor.  And our champions won, which was great.  I didn't get to fight, but  [profile] ogedei  said our fight got him warmed up the right way, so he could perform the slaughter that he did.  Excellent!

[profile] lady_catwings  was with us, and it was great to have here there from Artemisia.  Always fun to have her around.  Now, of course, I'll have to go to Estrella again.  Oh, horrors.  Not.

Wandering the bog with  [profile] caitlindancer  and  [profile] firebow  and  [profile] little_rowan  was much fun, too.  I love my friends!

Still sorry  [personal profile] lumineaux  could not be there - missed you and the dramatic readings!  Also missed Edmund and Emeline, but looking forward to meeting Gabriel.

There is more, of course, but I'll do a longer post eventually.  Gotta head out to dinner now.

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I'll be a sheep here and do what everyone else is doing.

I should be arriving at the Pennsic War sometime next Tuesday, the 31st.  Probably late afternoon early evening, no later than 7pm hopefully.

I will be camped in Quatrefoil, better known as Sharc Pit, N21, right at the North Gate.  And if I am not there, chances are you'll find me on the fencing lists by day, likely wandering at night (or visiting the Ragnesfolke down at E23 in the Bog).

Very excited - Pennsic!  Woo!
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Mudthaw was good.  Edmund and Jessa ran a great event, it was a lot of fun, and a good time was had by everyone I spoke to.

Cleaned today.  Got my sister and her fiance from the airport.  Watched Battlestar Galactica...and all I can say about that is...DAMN!!  And I can't believe they're gonna make us wait til 2008 to continue that!!

Ok, sleep now, I think.

My week

Mar. 23rd, 2007 08:13 pm
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Busy, busy.  There has been a lot of stuff going on at work...most of it good, but it can be a bit draining and cause for occasional emotional outbursts.  Ah, retail.  But I DO love my job.  Now if only they could pay me better....

My coming weekend will be busy.  SCA event tomorrow - Mudthaw.  Good event, but I am doing a LOT of things at this one...hope that I might get in at least a little fencing...that would be cool.  Even working it as much as I will be, I am looking forward to the fun.  Sunday is in the air, apart from picking up my sister and her fiance from the airport in the evening.

No complaints.  Looking back on this post, I realize I had nothing of substance to share.  Still, I consider it a fine thing.  


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Since he took all those shots, figured I needed proof of his precense. Edmund at Estrella:

Sunset, looking across camp:

A better sunset shot:

Estrella War Grand Court:

It was another good time at Estrella War. I enjoyed once more the time I got to spend with the Artemesians, and had fun seeing all my other friends and acquaintances there as well.

I will try very hard to do this again next year.
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So I experienced my 3rd Estrella War. It was a great deal of fun, once again, though this time Timmur happened to be King of Artemesia. Too cool.

So I decided this was a goal destination for my walkabout, and arrived on Wednesday, and stayed til yesterday afternoon. I got to spend some time with friends I don't see all that often, and made some new friends, too. In particular, Cat, the wife of Don Tarkesh. She's very cool, and I can hardly wait to meet her other half. :-)

In addition, Edmund and Jael were there, which was pretty cool. We three were the Eastern Rapier Army, and represented our Kingdom well, I do believe. I had the opportunity to help command the Artemesian fencers, which was quite the honor...we won Artemesia its first Rapier war point.

Poor Edmund, unfortunately, got hurt, so he chose to not fence Saturday. Instead, he went out and about - taking my camera along. He got some pretty cool photos.

A shot of the site:

Lucan and Jana, King and Queen of the East:

Me fencing Rowan:

Me and my Artemesian friends - Rowan, Cat and Elyas:

I'll do another post with some pictures I took.


Feb. 18th, 2007 11:13 pm
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Left Estrella War this afternoon, am now in a hotel, en route to Roswell. It was a lot of fun at the war, and I will post a more thorough and interesting update tomorrow.
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It was grey, and some clouds were having their way with us this morning...but I decided to set out on a hike anyhow.

So I trekked to Boynton Canyon, the first hike I took on my first trip to Sedona 4 years ago.

Round trip, into the canyon and then back, is a little more than 5 miles, after you count the detours to climb around points I am sure are not meant to be tread upon.

Taking a look into the canyon this morning:

This is an example of some of the path itself:

After what seemed like an eternity, I reached the head of the canyon:

A look back down the canyon:

Finally the sky cleared, and I slowly worked my way back - I was hurting, between the shifting weather, and yesterday's 3.5 mile hike, my feet, ankles and knees were none too happy. But this is a great shot down the canyon:

I was completely wiped out following my hike, so I did something utterly mundane, but necessary - laundry. That out of the way, I have plenty of time tomorrow to stop by Scottsdale, en route to Estrella War.

This may be my last post til after Estrella. I want to thank everyone for your great comments, and hope to have some great event pictures when I start my return trip home.
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Welcome to Day Eight!

Yes, that is not a mis-print - I have actually managed 8 days in a row of writing!  Actual forward momentum...yup, it is a good thing.

Doesn't matter where the story is going at this point - fact is, it is going!  Woot!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before Pennsic.  Leaves me Tuesday and Wednesday to get it all together, washed, and packed, before heading out to War Thursday morning.  The excitement is building - I am more than ready to go!

Time now for some sleep.

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