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So these are the states I crossed on my walkabout:

create your own visited states map

And this is the sum total of ALL the states I have visited:

create your own visited states map

I have been to 43 out of 50 states. While my pathetic foreign travel consists only of Canada and Mexico, at least I can say I have seen much domestically.
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That is how many states I crossed yesterday. GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, DE, NJ. I was on the road for approximately 15.5 hours yesterday. Yes, I recognize that I am not sane.

Didn't take too many photos between LA and NJ. I think I just reached a point, after Roswell, where I really just wanted to get home. Already working on laundry, and will be cleaning around my house today. One of the things I have learned from this walkabout is that, as much as I have always had an affection for the Southwest...well, NJ and the East Coast is HOME.

So this is a shot of the Mississippi from out my car window as I crossed over it:

And as I departed yesterday, a shot of Atlanta:

Some numbers and other thoughts as I wrap up my vacation and return to the real world forthcoming.


Feb. 23rd, 2007 01:17 am
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Exhausted. Started out about 9:15am this morning from Atlanta, got home at 12:45am. Going to bed in a moment. Last thoughts on the walkabout and some numbers to be posted tomorrow.
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Didn't take a lot of photos as I crossed through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and finally Georgia today. Left my camera in the car, and so didn't download the few I took. It was a mostly uneventful day on the road - til I got to the AL/GA border. A major accident stalled us on I-20 for OVER AN HOUR. Just sitting. Not fun.

Crashing at Joyce and Aaron's place, borrowing their wireless just now. I need sleep, but I will post more either tomorrow before I head out, or when I reach Norfolk.
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Wow does it take forever to cross the great state of Texas! So I left Roswell this morning, and headed out across Route 380. One lane, 65mph for hours. Somewhere along this route I crossed into Texas.

Expected to see this. Oil wells:

What did surprise me about this was just how many I saw while still in NM.

Driving along Route 84 I believe, still not on an interstate, in TX, but approaching I-20. More cool wind farms:

On I-20, and I wish I recalled which Air Force base was next to the highway. But I saw this plane, the second in 5 minutes, cross over ahead of me:

For those of you less familiar with your modern US Air Force planes, that is a B-1 bomber.

Nearly into LA, and the sun is setting. The clouds looked very cool:

Soon I was in Louisiana. I think crossing Texas took me like 9 hours or so. Last exit in TX was over 600, and they do correspond with the mile markers.

Chilling in my hotel now. Pondering gambling in the attached casino, but likely won't. On to Atlanta tomorrow.
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I could not resist - I had to see it for myself. Today I drove into Roswell, NM.

So I am driving along, and I know I will be passing through White Sands, which had a history of sightings and of course played a large part in the early space program. So I glance out the window to my right, and in addition to a great view, I see some kind of unidentified flying object:

Well further along I pulled over, got a somewhat better photo, and zoomed in. It looked a lot like it was just a blimp. Ah, well.

So I drive along, and finally reach Roswell. Sort of necessary to check out the International UFO Museum and Research Center:

Ah, the conspiracy:

Forgot that today was a holiday, so not much else was open. I explored downtown Roswell, some...but quickly ran out of things to do. So I made my way to my hotel, and plan to start out early tomorrow for Louisiana.

No more posts today...promise!
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So I experienced my 3rd Estrella War. It was a great deal of fun, once again, though this time Timmur happened to be King of Artemesia. Too cool.

So I decided this was a goal destination for my walkabout, and arrived on Wednesday, and stayed til yesterday afternoon. I got to spend some time with friends I don't see all that often, and made some new friends, too. In particular, Cat, the wife of Don Tarkesh. She's very cool, and I can hardly wait to meet her other half. :-)

In addition, Edmund and Jael were there, which was pretty cool. We three were the Eastern Rapier Army, and represented our Kingdom well, I do believe. I had the opportunity to help command the Artemesian fencers, which was quite the honor...we won Artemesia its first Rapier war point.

Poor Edmund, unfortunately, got hurt, so he chose to not fence Saturday. Instead, he went out and about - taking my camera along. He got some pretty cool photos.

A shot of the site:

Lucan and Jana, King and Queen of the East:

Me fencing Rowan:

Me and my Artemesian friends - Rowan, Cat and Elyas:

I'll do another post with some pictures I took.


Feb. 18th, 2007 11:13 pm
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Left Estrella War this afternoon, am now in a hotel, en route to Roswell. It was a lot of fun at the war, and I will post a more thorough and interesting update tomorrow.
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It was grey, and some clouds were having their way with us this morning...but I decided to set out on a hike anyhow.

So I trekked to Boynton Canyon, the first hike I took on my first trip to Sedona 4 years ago.

Round trip, into the canyon and then back, is a little more than 5 miles, after you count the detours to climb around points I am sure are not meant to be tread upon.

Taking a look into the canyon this morning:

This is an example of some of the path itself:

After what seemed like an eternity, I reached the head of the canyon:

A look back down the canyon:

Finally the sky cleared, and I slowly worked my way back - I was hurting, between the shifting weather, and yesterday's 3.5 mile hike, my feet, ankles and knees were none too happy. But this is a great shot down the canyon:

I was completely wiped out following my hike, so I did something utterly mundane, but necessary - laundry. That out of the way, I have plenty of time tomorrow to stop by Scottsdale, en route to Estrella War.

This may be my last post til after Estrella. I want to thank everyone for your great comments, and hope to have some great event pictures when I start my return trip home.
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After my sunrise tour of the southern rim of the Grand Canyon, I made my way to Sedona. But before I got off Highway 64, I saw this critter:

I am pretty certain that is a coyote. And of course, the first shot I tried to get the camera was set on video. Ah, that trixter coyote!

Anyhow, I made my way to Sedona. Upon arrival, knowing it was too early to check in to my hotel, I grabbed lunch at a favorite place here called The Coffeepot, that offeres 101 omelettes. Yum! After that, I went up to Airport Mesa, and set out on a long hike.

From this point, as you work around the mesa, you get a view of like 90% of the best spots in Sedona. For example...Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock:

Cathedral Rock:

Around the airport, atop the mesa, Capital Butte:

Last but not least, following the 3.5 mile circle around Airport Mesa, I climbed up the mini-mesa, and took a photo of the trail at the start of the Airport Mesa loop:

The weather for tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and grey, but I am hoping that maybe they have it wrong, so I can go do more hiking!

Long but very good day, dinner and sleep yet to come.


Feb. 12th, 2007 08:31 pm
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I drove around the entire southern rim of the Grand Canyon this morning. I have tons more photos. I'll leave you with this last one for now.

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I am humbled. I am awed. I was stunned. No photos can do justice to the enormity and majesty of this place. And these are just 3 of the photos I took today. I took a lot.

This shot is cool. Clouds rolling across the canyon. Snow followed.

At another point along the canyon, I came across this huge crow. (Actually, I think it is a raven).

It was incredible. And depending on the weather...I may attempt to return to the rim at sunrise.


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