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I couldn't avoid this one - it intrigues me!

Well if aliens arrive, odds are they have been watching us a while now - and they are either going to reveal themselves to (a. help us out; (b. take us over or (c. get us to change our ways.  I am hoping for a or c myself.

I do believe it's only a matter of time until we meet visitors.  Yes, I really do believe that. 
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If I told you my code name, then it wouldn't be SECRET, now, would it??
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Only 'cause this kinda amuses me.

- My first car, which I got just before my 18th Birthday in 1990 - 1984 Subaru GL.  Originally named 'Grey Poupon' because the car was a shade of gold that, when dirty, looked like Grey Poupon mustard.  However, I had the car repainted British racing green - and renamed it the 'Green Poupon'
- 1993 Plymouth Laser.  I named her 'Empress' because she was a bitch.  She guzzled gas, had a multitude of expensive repairs, and did NOT like speeds below 40mph.  Seriously - the car would sputter and complain below 40, and FLY otherwise.  
- 1996 Toyota Celica.  Never really named this car - but I did occasionally refer to her as 'Beauty'.  She was sleek, and black, and AWESOME.  Yes, to this day, my favorite car.  I was very sad when she was turned into an accordion on Rte. 17.
- 2001 Toyota RAV4.  He was called 'Darth Draco'.  Originally I named him Draco, but then I was parked next to Abel's White RAV4 at Pennsic - and my black one beside it - they began to call it Darth.  I liked it - it stuck.
- 2005 Subaru Baja.  I named it 'Hermes'.  Others decided to call this 'The Malcolmino".  This was a silly car.
- 2007 Honda Fit.  I call it "Morpheus' ('Morph for short) - for the King of Dreams from the Sandman series - not the character from the Matrix movies.

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