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More pictures!

It is ready to be raised and assembled. This will happen Saturday night, save the canopy which I'll put up the morning before the wedding.

Yup, very nearly done!   The wedding is this coming Sunday.  Wow - my little sister will be married in less than a week!
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Ok, so while I claim skills as a carpenter, I have always spoken about my lack of math abilities. Anyhow, that's neither here nor there - except, during the construction of the chuppah, I figured the bolts I would need should be 6" long. My thinking was thus:

4" (4x4 post) + 1" (1x4 plywood) = 5". Thus 1" remains for the wing nut and washer.

Right. So how come I've got almost 2", and run out of thread as such?

Because the 4x4 post is NOT 4" x 4"...it's closer to 3.8" or 3.7". Also - the 1" wide plywood is not QUITE a full inch.


So is this perhaps the best argument for the metric system?? 

So another trip to the Home Despot later, and I now have 5" bolts.  Far better fit!  It appears this thing WILL go together well...I'll just need a couple people to support it during its raising.

Anyhow - long promised - photos of the work in progress! 


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