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Apologies for missed shots or duplicates, but I am new to Flickr, and only just uploaded these pics. I may have one or two more that didn't post.


I did my best to mark the combatants, and my have gotten it wrong. Can't recognize everyone, weird angles, yadayada.

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It was a good war.  Albeit a wet, hot, sticky one.  I saw old friends, made some new friends, and had an absolutely wonderful time overall.  Yes, the weather most certainly could have been better, and I would like to have fenced more - but it was still a great time.

I love camping in Sharc Pit.  You guys are the best, and make the war for me.  Really.  I spent a lot of time in camp this year with the rain, and it was time well spent.  Amazing how many attempts to use accio and other HP spells were made this year, though...

Yes, we were slaughtered in the wall and the woods battles - but they still had to work for it.   [personal profile] artisticphoenix  was an excellent general - the odds were most certainly not in her favor.  And our champions won, which was great.  I didn't get to fight, but  [profile] ogedei  said our fight got him warmed up the right way, so he could perform the slaughter that he did.  Excellent!

[profile] lady_catwings  was with us, and it was great to have here there from Artemisia.  Always fun to have her around.  Now, of course, I'll have to go to Estrella again.  Oh, horrors.  Not.

Wandering the bog with  [profile] caitlindancer  and  [profile] firebow  and  [profile] little_rowan  was much fun, too.  I love my friends!

Still sorry  [personal profile] lumineaux  could not be there - missed you and the dramatic readings!  Also missed Edmund and Emeline, but looking forward to meeting Gabriel.

There is more, of course, but I'll do a longer post eventually.  Gotta head out to dinner now.

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